13 January, 2021



Physical health of all employees will be checked on daily basis for and prior to work especially for workers who work for high risk tasks including but not limited to: working at height, confined space, etc.

All hazards of health and mitigation measures will be delivered to all employees through induction training course and other related training courses with subjects including but not limited to: ergonomics, manual lift, working environment monitoring, chemical handling, etc.

Besides, mental health of all employees will be paid attention to make sure that they are in good emotional condition by methods including but not limited to: alcohol check, toolbox talk, site supervision.


Hygienic working environment and accommodation are always important part of all projects.

Working environment is monitored on daily basis with subjects including but not limited to: breathing air, lighting, heat, chemical PPE, etc.

Sanitary facilities will be located at strategic locations sufficient for all employees to use with sufficient cleaning service as well as soap and paper.

Contagious disease is one of the most important subjects that we will apply prevention measures for all projects including but not limited to: separation, disinfection, emergency report, etc.


In AAC projects, Safety is not first, Safety is ALWAYS. Every steps we make, we make it safely.

All hazards will be analyzed and assessed for risk level in order to apply efficiently mitigation measures.

All mitigation measures will be delivered to employees by different training courses.

High risk tasks will be proceeded with Permit To Work system that include safety work method explanation.

Behavioral based safety pay an important role in AAC safety culture, we encourage our employees to care about their personal safety and the safety of their coworkers.


All vehicles, materials and people access to site will be registered to security team as well as when they leave the site.

Boundary fence with lighting system will be applied to prevent any unwanted access to the site.

Security patrol will be applied during day and night time.


We do not only live our lives for ourselves but for our future children. All hazards to environment will be analyzed including but not limited to: waste generated reduction, material recycling, waste separation, waste disposal, chemical storage and handling, dust prevention, wastewater treatment and disposal, etc.


Social responsibility is one important subject at AAC. We apply different methods to avoid impact to local society including but not limited to: temporary citizen registration, strict accommodation regulation, traffic route for site, recommended local employees, etc.