Topographical Survey and Mapping

26 April, 2021

  1. Boundary of land

Measure and identify boundary of the land and marking geographical ordinates

  1. Dimensions

Measure neccessary dimensions of the land and marking geographical ordinates

  1. Elevation

Measure elevation of the land in order to calculate excavation and backfilling work for the design

  1. Direction

Precise direction will support for design with best function of the factory

  1. Underground

Underground will be considered during survey to figure out any existing infrastructure

  1. As-built of current building and structure

Surveyor will make an as-built drawing with information of the land.

Existing infrastructure and building will be marked including but not limited to: road, sidewalk, electricity pole, stormwater drainage, manhole, etc.

  1. Reference points and markers

Some reference points and markers will be prepared surrounding the land for future construction purpose

  1. Building grids

Building grid will be mark during this period if necessary

  1. Building sink mark

Subsidence and movement monitoring marks will be prepared for building monitoring